The Helpful Features of a Covered Call Screener

Investing in the financial markets can be very challenging even for veteran traders. Luckily, novice traders and investors who want to be successful in equities trading now have a better chance of doing so by subscribing to market data and information providers online. Financial websites provide highly useful information that can enable any trader to make better investing decisions. These websites not only keep track of prices of stocks and commodities but also provide useful premium services like covered call screeners. A covered calls service enables its subscribers to find the best options as defined by their trading strategy. This service can help them find contracts that are best suited to their portfolios.

Writing a call entails an investor agreeing to sell the rights of a stock he owns at a specific price, also called the strike price. At the end of the agreement, if the stock doesn’t hit the strike price, the investor gets to keep the premium he earned from selling the option and keeps the holdings. However, there are also other risks involved in this investment strategy. These risks can be properly managed with the help of premium screeners that allow users to search for calls according to their specific criteria.

With the help of the covered call screener of Barchart, traders now have an easier time finding information that will help them in their trading strategies. This service is a valuable tool for equity option traders. This screener has key features that include the ability to search for calls of a given equity symbol. This service also allows its users to calculate profitability by estimating values if the stock stays the same or prices go down. Users can also filter data by market capitalization and exchange or sort by moneyness. This data can also be filtered based on earnings reports so that they can hedge against sliding of prices and by stocks that may earn high dividends so they can add dividend income to their profits. Subscribers can also find calls on the technical lists of Barchart like top traded stocks, new highs and lows, volume leaders and stocks that have the highest opinion rankings amongst users. Covered calls information should increase the likelihood that a trader subscribing to will make wise investment decisions that will earn them extra income. Go to to subscribe today.

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